What to expect from your bathroom renovation

So you’ve decided its time for a new bathroom or at least a remodeled one. Sometimes it can be quite dawnting and overwhelming for your first renovation so here’s some tips and information on what to expect.

Well you’ve come to the right place – you’ve found your builder.

It all starts from a quote, we come to you for a quick but accurate assessment and draft up a formal quote, all FREE of charge. Once you’re happy with the quote and have decided to go ahead and take the next step, we will come back out and go over the quote formally with you. From there we will fill out a QBCC contract and set a date of commencement. The QBCC contract covers you against many aspects of the build, for more please visit http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/building-or-renovating/overview.

Download the FREE QBCC Building Consumer Guide

Building Consumer Guide

Your Renovation Steps.

Its important to know and understand what takes place and when during your renovation. Here’s a few steps in preparing yourself and your renovation plan prior to the build:

Step 1. Figure out your budget

Step 2. Put your ideas on paper

Step 3. Find and select your builder (Make sure they are fully licenced and insured)

Step 4. Get a formal quote

Step 5. Receive a QBCC contract from the builder

Step 6. Set a commencement date

Step 7. Start shopping (paint, tiles, tapware, appliances, toilets, vanities, lighting, cabinetry and mirrors.)

During the build.

Step 8. Keep note of any variations (we provide a QBCC variations contract for each set of variations).

After the build.

Step 9. Ensure your happy with all the work and sign off on final completion.

Step 10. Enjoy your new bathroom!

Our Building Process.

99% of the time we have a bathroom fully completed and signed off within a 2 week period. Rarely we may come across building issues that may delay the build, these are issues out of our control.

Step 1. A skip bin will be delivered onsite around the commencement date.

Step 2. We discuss a spare key security box for access.

Step 3. We start rip out – remove all cabinetry, baths, vanities flooring and walls. (1-2 days)

Step 5. The plumbing is setup for the new bathroom. (1-2 days)*

Step 6. Electrical is setup for all new lighting, fans and power points. (1-2 days)*

Step 7. Construction is completed on new walls, baths and doors etc.*

Step 8. The walls and floors are re-sheeted. (1 day)#

Step 9. Licenced waterproofing is completed (1 day)#

Step 10. Tiling starts, including bedding for floor fall. (2-4 days)

Step 11. fit out is completed including sealing and gapping. (1-2 days)

Step 12. Shower glass is installed. (1 day)

Step 13. Vigorous testing and final sign off completed

*Steps 5 , 6 and 7 happen around the same time.

#Steps 8 and 9 usually happen on the same day.


Here’s some tips and advice to make your renovation simple.

  1. Make sure you have received all the fixtures and fittingsĀ before the commencement date such as tiles, tapware, appliances, toilets, vanities, lighting, cabinetry and mirrors.
  2. Make sure you receive a QBCC contract prior to the build.
  3. Variations happen, once we get into the build you may want to add/change things like a wall niche, so make sure you receive a copy of the QBCC Variation Contract for any variations you choose during the build.
  4. Make sure your property and liability is covered by using a fully insured builder.